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Son Volt mix the new record at Headgear

17 Dec

Once again, John Agnello (@john_agnello) is at the helm of the Trident 80C for the mixing of the new Son Volt (@sonvoltmusic) album.  This one is sure to please long time Son Volt fans, as well as new converts.  We are happy to have Jay Farrar an Co. back at the studio, for the first time since 2005’s Okemah and the Melody of Riot.


tUnE-yArDs Live on Studio 360

6 Jun

Hi!!!!  I’m at Headgear taking a break and watching some videos.  tUnE-yArDs recently performed some songs on Studio 360.  Too bad the audience is a little dead.  I don’t think I’d be able to sit still.  “Bizness” might just be the best song of the year for me!  Check the additional performance on the show here.


21 Mar

Oh wow!! This video is really great for music and keyboard nerds! Check out all of the Brooklyn keyboard ladies playing all sorts of synthesizers and keys in Joe McGinty’s Carousel Studio.


22 Feb

Welcome to Headgear’s new website!  We’ve highlighted some new services and have added some more information.  This site will be updated on a regular basis, so check back every now and again for up-to-date info and news.  Thanks for checking us out!  Please have a look around.