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11 Oct

Phosphorescent performing “A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise”

Frankie Rose & the Outs performing “Little Brown Haired Girls”

Grooms performing “Dreamsucker”

Keepaway performing “Head”


TEACHERS – Debut Show at Glasslands

10 Aug

Teachers finally play their debut show at Glasslands on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 8:30pm.  Get your tickets here. Teachers is the project of Ben Bronfman, who’s an all-around renaissance man.  Ben runs a sustainable record label called Green Owl and dabbles in renewable energy with Global Thermostat, but you might know him from his former band, The Exit or his recent production contributions on Kanye West’s “Monster” track.

Teachers spent a lot of time at Headgear tracking with Alex Lipsen.  Listen to “Gold” below.


15 Jul

Here’s a video from Masters From Their Day (Benchmark).  Headgear’s Alex Lipsen engineered on this session with the band Rubblebucket performing the song “Came Out of a Lady”.

Below is the official video for the song.

JORDAN GALLAND – In the Studio

9 Jul

Hi Everyone!  I found this video online.  It’s a session for Jordan Galland‘s “To The Top” EP.  Headgear’s Alex Lipsen was the engineer with assistant engineer Avery Medjuck.  The song includes Sam Koppelman on drums, Sean Lennon on bass and Sissy Clemens on backing vocals.


28 Jun

Watch Phosphorescent perform live at Bonaroo.  While you’re at it, check them out performing for freqControl at Headgear below.

VIRGIN FOREST – In the Studio

27 Jun

Virgin Forest (Partisan Records) spent much of the past week and a half tracking and mixing songs at Headgear, with Alex Lipsen, for an upcoming LP.  Alex produced and engineered Virgin Forest’s debut LP, “Joy Atrophy” which was released through Heatbreakbeat Records in December 2010.  Check out the video below of Virgin Forest performing “South Beach” for Fader TV at Veronica People’s Club in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

LIGHT ASYLUM – Interview

10 Jun

Here’s a clip from an interview with Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum for Imagine Fashion.

You can view the full video here.

Light Asylum is blowing up.  It’s been a long time coming for Shannon.  I remember the first time I heard her sing.  She was with Celena Glenn & The Victory Riot back around late 2002.  Lacy Rae Lancaster Perez (Living Days) was on drums and they were playing a neighborhood dive bar in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Hooper Street at Broadway.  It was the same bar that a year or so prior had crime scene tape around it as someone was mortally wounded just outside of its doors.  On the night of the show, I remember the crowd as small and friendly; both solemn and warm.  In some ways this scene informs Light Asylum’s music…dark and dangerous, brooding and hopeful.   When Shannon sings, you can’t help but be mesmerized and pulled into her world–just listen to the song “Dark Allies” and you’ll understand.

Light Asylum recently signed to Mexican Summer and will release their 12″ EP called “In Tension” in mid-June.  Check out the song “Skull Fuct” as Alex Lipsen did some tracking on this at Headgear.

-jackie lin werner


4 May

Teachers, the project of Ben Bronfman (The Exit, Green Owl Records) releases a mix tape of sorts featuring several remixes of the Kanye West song “Monster”, which Ben co-produced.  You can download the mix tape for free here.

While you’re at it, listen to the Teachers single “Gold” which was partially tracked at Headgear with engineer Alex Lipsen.


29 Apr

Joy By Proxy is on  a cool compilation.  Read the description from Thick Syrup:

’78 LTD is an amazing project with so many amazing artists and bands appearing on it.  Featuring members of Pussy Galore, The Posies, Pearl Jam, Descendents, The Dwarves, Half Japanese, Tad, Mudhoney, Sebadoh and many more. 

Pre-order the compilation here.


Joy By Proxy is the project of engineer/producer Alex Lipsen (ex-The Jealous Girlfriends).  The bands line up includes Tom Unish (Division of Planes, Heather Duby), Michael Brodlieb (Jennifer O’Connor, Big Stuff), and Brendan Coon (Ludlow Lions).


4 Apr

One of our favorites, Light Asylum, gets a nice artist profile in Altered Zones.  Shannon and Bruno did some work at Headgear with Alex Lipsen on their song “Skull Fuct”.  Listen to it below!