Producer | Engineer | Owner

While living in Brooklyn, Dan engineered records with the likes of Kevin Devine, Pela, Demander, The Jealous Girlfriends, The Naked Hearts and more.  After starting and running Headgear with Alex and Scott from 1998 until 2006, Dan left the east coast for Los Angeles, where he currently resides.  In the last few years, Dan’s worked on a number of great projects like Local Natives, Film School, The Henry Clay People, and Ferraby Lionheart.  In addition to working in various commercial studios around LA, Dan built HeadWest, his personal recording studio near Silverlake.  Dan does the majority of his mixing and overdubs at HeadWest, which is right behind his home.

Dan continues to expand his craft through scoring and audio for film.  Recently, Dan engineered the score for the feature film Walk Hard, starring, John C. Reilly.  Dan’s also mixed sound for the film Rock the Bells and has an original song featured in the film, The Lie.

Listen to Dan Long’s compilation reel: