DAILY STUDIO RATE: Does not include Engineer rate.
$600/day for a 10 hour day.
$550/day if you book 3 or more days at one time.
$75/hour for additional hours beyond 10 hours.

HOURLY STUDIO RATE: Does not include Engineer rate.
$75/hour with a 4 hour minimum.

Engineer costs are invoiced separately from the studio.
Our current staff engineers are Scott F. Norton and Alex Lipsen.
Please contact Headgear for current engineer rates.

for a 10 hour day. Assistants are optional.

The above Studio Rates DO NOT include the cost of Analog Tape, DVDs, CDs, hard drives, rental equipment, producers, engineers, assistants or session musicians.

Our typical working hours are 12pm-10pm. Special arrangements can be made for earlier start times. A $50.00 closeout fee is required for each day that extends beyond midnight.

A 50% DEPOSIT is required to secure your dates.  Balance is due before or on the last day of your session.  No materials will be released without full payment to Headgear and the Staff Engineer.

Headgear requests that all clients provide their own External Firewire Drive (at least 7200rpm) to work from and back up to. This saves transfer time. We can make temporary copies on our drive, but only for a limited time.

Clients are welcome to bring their own tape, but we ask that you please speak with the studio for brand and dealer suggestions. Check out National Recording Services (NRS).  They’ll deliver.

A customer may place studio time on “hold” status. However, should the studio receive another request for that same time, or any portion thereof, from another customer who is prepared to firm the time via Booking Agreement or cash deposit, the original customer will be given one courtesy call to secure that time, likewise. If the original customer cannot or will not firm the time with an Agreement or deposit, that time will be forfeited to the other customer. A deposit, as well as any tape costs, is required prior to first scheduled recording session by cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Credit card payments are accepted via Paypal with an added charge of 3.25% for each transaction. Additional deposits may be requested during the course of your booking. Cash deposits are equal to 50% of the total project cost.

Also, if any part of the customer’s “firmed” time is canceled prior to or during the booking, without sufficient notice, the customer may be charged for any and all such time which the studio is unable to reschedule. All services are C.O.D. Headgear typically does not extend credit to any individual nor to any company other than large corporate institutions such as major record, motion picture, and television companies. Balance is payable on or before the final day of your session. No materials will be released until C.O.D. account has been settled in full with Headgear and it’s staff. No personal checks will be accepted unless management grants that privilege in advance. Charges shown on an invoice shall be deemed final and conclusive unless the customer makes a claim for adjustment within 30 days following.

Headgear assumes no responsibility for any personal property left on our premises. All property left for storage on our premises will be at the client’s risk. We assume no liability for loss or damage. If property is deemed abandoned, the studio reserves the right to erase or otherwise completely dispose of said property without liability.